April 12th  Little Bluebird Update

April 12th Little Bluebird Update

First I just want to say THANK YOU for those of you that continue to like, share and comment on our social media posts. Even if you can't make a purchase right now, that helps us reach so many more people! I truly appreciate it!

For those of you still shopping with us online, Thank you! You are a blessing! The "help from the government" as far as I know does not exists. I do not know a single small business that has received one penny of help rather its a pay back loan or not. There has Been NO response. So Thank you for helping us try our best to sustain our business during this very uneasy time. 

I have three to four vendors that have changed gears and have started producing masks. The first time I posted we quickly took orders for well over 120 masks that had not been made yet.

Lori, with Clearly I Create is knocking them out. Here is the attentive completion schedule for those of you asking:  Invoice 1112 - 1130 will be available for pick up or will be shipped starting Tuesday April 14th.  Invoice 1131- 1154 will be available for pick up or shipped out startingTuesday April 20th. All orders that came in after invoice 1154 for Clearly I create Masks will be filled and available hopefully starting Thursday. email us at Shoplittlebluebird@yahoo.com with questions: please include invoice # (this is info for Clearly I Create Orders only) 

Since then I have had a few more Vendors: Wee and Me, Heritage By Aunt B, and Simplicity Refined that have been making masks that are ready to ship or ready for pick up. 

***All orders other then Clearly I Create masks will be available for pick up Tuesday April 14th. and Thursday April 16th.

How Do I Curb Side Pick UP?

Pick us will be from 11AM- 1PM Call BEFORE you come so that I have time to gather your order and get it on the porch. 417-485-0614 Remember there is ONE of me.  Have your name, order # and possible a description of your item(s) ready when you call.   Do not come inside! There will be sanitizer sitting out front. Please use it before you approach the table for pick up. Also please wait your turn and remain 6 ft away from the table  if someone is already looking for their order at the table.  Please be patient and make sure you call BEFORE you arrive. 

Thank you again for your patients, love and support! 

I appreciate each of you, 


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